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Create Your Own Cask of Whisky

What sets us apart is our dedication to superior quality and scalability, ensuring excellence in both large and small- limited edition production volumes.

At WLD, creating your own cask of whisky is no longer a dream! Whether you are a private investor seeking lucrative returns, corporate entity thinking of gifting bespoke whisk(e)y, or an enthusiast passionate about crafting your own perfect dram. we are here to assist.

Utilizing four copper pot stills designed and manufactured in Tasmania, we adhere to tradition in our approach to crafting Single Malt Whisky. The copper stills help preserve the brew's characteristics without tarnishing the flavours while refining the spirits to a delightful, full-bodied finish. Our process blends science and artistry, ensuring exceptional quality with every sip.

We needed someone to make whisky wash – not just any wash; ours has a mixed mash bill, which is a lot trickier than standard single malt wash.

Anthony (Sag), Bec and the whole team at White Label seized upon the challenge. We researched traditional Irish methods and then worked closely with them to find the best brewing regime.

We needed to extract maximum flavour and yield from our grains, and we’re very happy with the results. The brewing team is knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. We felt they went an extra mile for us particularly. Lachie, who made it his personal mission to fine tune the process and get the best results for us.

Damian Mackey

Island Coast Vodka has worked closely with White Label Distillery since 2021 and we have found Anthony and the awesome team incredible to work with.

Showing tremendous passion, care and attention to detail, everything is done to perfection and the highest of standards. They are undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to contract distilling, they are reliable, and customer focused every step of the way.

Kirk Pinner

I was introduced to White Label Distillery through a colleague in the Tasmanian Whisky Industry.

I had just decanted a 20L port cask and was looking for a new Tassie distillery to fill the cask.

After reconditioning the cask, I contacted Anthony at White Label Distillery and decided on a third fill. Two and a half years later, WOW! what a great rounded whisky I had, deep in colour, caramel honey flavour and an ever-changing scent which I enjoy in a spirit. Decided on ABV 57%.

I would highly recommend Anthony and the White Label team. You guys are amazing! well done WLD Team!

Stewart V Rienecker

01. Have a vision

We pride ourselves on collaborative partnerships with diverse clients, including private investors seeking lucrative returns, corporate entities gifting bespoke whisk(e)y selections, and enthusiasts passionate about crafting their perfect dram.
Moreover, many clients come to us with a vision, but without any industry knowledge, whatever your vision, we're here to bring it to life with our expertise guidance. Book a free appointment with one of our experts, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your requirement in detail.

02. Expertise & Guidance

During our initial consultation, we'll assist you picking up the ideal cask to suit your needs and budget, with maturity ranging from 2 to 10 years. We have access to a wide variety of cask range, featuring ex. Bourbon, ex. Australian fortified, ex. Spanish wine casks or ex. Spirit casks in various sizes and prices, from 50L to 200L. 

Tasmania's reputation for premium whisky is well-deserved, with accolades including the world's best single malt whisky awarded twice. Let’s create a unique & award winning whisky together!

03. Order confirmation

Following our initial discussion, we will provide you with a tailored quote based on your specific requirements. At this stage, White Label Distillery will require an upfront payment solely for the manufacturing or sourcing of the cask on your behalf. 

04. Fulfillment & transfer

As the final step in the cask ordering process, we will fill your cask with new make spirits. Once your order is finalized, any outstanding balances will need to be settled. Based on your preferences, we can arrange for the casks to be transferred to your designated location or into our ATO registered bond stores for maturation. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of ownership for your newly purchased cask. Congratulations!
We offer secure bond storage facilities, monitored regularly and fully insured for peace of mind. When your casks are matured, we'll happily arrange the tasting samples by post or if you are visiting Tasmania, we can arrange a free distillery tour & tasting at request, so you can witness the maturation process firsthand.

Further, we can assist you with bottling, labelling, packaging, sourcing, and other support services, pls see more details in the ‘support services’ page.

Embark on your distilling journey with us today. Book an appointment for an obligation-free chat, and let's craft something extraordinary together.