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At WLD we have a team of experienced spirit professionals who are dedicated to providing customised distilling solutions for your business. We understand scale, volume, budgets and timelines.

When it comes to investing in your spirits business for the future, it is paramount to ensure you have access to production capacity today.

We specialise in assisting distilling businesses across Australasia to grow and expand their production volumes. As brands begin to build momentum in the marketplace, they often find that their own distilling operation is not large enough for the rapid demand they encounter.
WLD is a state of the art multi-million-dollar brewing and distilling facility that has been built with the vision to collaborate, assist and supply businesses with Tasmanian wash, low wines and spirit that can showcase your product to the world. Consisting of four Knapp Lewer copper pot stills that were designed, built and constructed in Tasmania, we have the capacity to help you grow.
Our portfolio expansion offering includes whisk(e)y wash, low wines, new make spirit, vodka, and aged whisky.

We needed someone to make whisky wash – not just any wash; ours has a mixed mash bill, which is a lot trickier than standard single malt wash.

Anthony (Sag), Bec and the whole team at White Label seized upon the challenge. We researched traditional Irish methods and then worked closely with them to find the best brewing regime.

We needed to extract maximum flavour and yield from our grains, and we’re very happy with the results. The brewing team is knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. We felt they went an extra mile for us particularly. Lachie, who made it his personal mission to fine tune the process and get the best results for us.

Damian Mackey

Island Coast Vodka has worked closely with White Label Distillery since 2021 and we have found Anthony and the awesome team incredible to work with.

Showing tremendous passion, care and attention to detail, everything is done to perfection and the highest of standards. They are undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to contract distilling, they are reliable, and customer focused every step of the way.

Kirk Pinner

I was introduced to White Label Distillery through a colleague in the Tasmanian Whisky Industry.

I had just decanted a 20L port cask and was looking for a new Tassie distillery to fill the cask.

After reconditioning the cask, I contacted Anthony at White Label Distillery and decided on a third fill. Two and a half years later, WOW! what a great rounded whisky I had, deep in colour, caramel honey flavour and an ever-changing scent which I enjoy in a spirit. Decided on ABV 57%.

I would highly recommend Anthony and the White Label team. You guys are amazing! well done WLD Team!

Stewart V Rienecker
Here are some examples of how we assist clients in the business-to-business distilling space;


WLD are whisky specialists. With over 20 years combined experience in Tasmanian distilleries, our team can guide you through the full process of business-to-business whisk(e)y options including single malt, blends, grain-whiskey. Whether you wish to increase production of your own recipe, expand your market offering, or purchase matured stock, we have all the options available to business from gristing grain through to cask selection and bottling options. We welcome a discussion on how we can assist your whisk(e)y business to grow.

Whisk(e)y Wash

Clients who wish to continue distilling at their own premises, but do not have the capacity to produce the wash volume they require. We can also contract produce wash for clients who wish to expand on their ingredient offering by changing their wash recipes to include rye, wheat, unmalted barley or any combination of grains. We have the expertise and the technical knowledge to assist in the R&D process as well as provide ongoing production for your customised wash recipe. Currently, we provide this service only within Tasmania.

Low Wines

Distilling businesses can rapidly expand their production volume by outsourcing low-wines production to WLD. This allows them to focus on 2nd and 3rd distillation runs in their own pot stills. By contract distilling low-wines with WLD a distilling business could increase their spirit output by up-to 300% on their existing production infrastructure.

We work closely with many interstate distilleries producing their low wines & scaling up the production capacities. Below are some of the advantages & savings you could achieve partnering with us for low wine production. 
  • You will be entitled to claim the excise rebate for the production
  • No brewing & grain handling
  • Reduce waste by 75%
  • Less time spent on cleaning & more focus on distilling
  • Great for distilleries with one still (Increased efficiency)


Distilling businesses can easily add additional product lines to their portfolio by adding white spirits such as vodka to complement your existing products. Vodka is an extremely versatile spirit and may allow for market expansion and additional cashflow in your business, particularly if your focus is currently on aged products.