About us

White Label Distillery (WLD) was Tasmania’s first purpose-built contract distillery. Conceived in 2014 by some of Tasmania’s earlier pioneers in the new-wave of single-malt whisky producers on the island, the brewhouse and distillery was built and opened in late 2018.

White Label Distillery’s founders recognised that for the industry to continue growing at such a rapid rate, established distilleries would need to increase production and new brands would need to be developed. A contract distillery based in Tasmania could not only support the expansion of the industry but also give anyone with a passion for whisky the opportunity to make their own spirit, without going to the time and expense of building their own distillery.

Our state-of-the-art southern Tasmanian distillery and brewhouse has since produced tens of thousands of litres of premium quality malt spirit for many discerning clients. Our combined brew house and distillery comprises two modern 5,000L mash/lauter tuns, and two complete sets of Tasmanian made all-copper pot stills designed and manufactured in Tasmania by Knapp-Lewer Engineering. With all milling, mashing, fermentation and distillation done on site, our team has complete control of the production from end-to-end.

We now produce whisky & vodka for our clients’ strict specifications and quality requirements, taking advantage of Tasmania’s pristine water and unique ingredients. The ultimate goal of White Label Distillery, when it was first conceived, was to assist the Tasmanian and Australian spirit industry in its growth to becoming a globally recognised spirit producing nation. Now over a decade later, we are extremely proud of the international acclaim and recognition many of our clients brands have received for their globally competitive products. Our distilled products can now be found on retail and bar shelves in as diverse locations as the UK, Switzerland, Japan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and every state and territory of Australia.

At WLD our goal is to help you take your product to wherever your clients reside, whether that be here in Australia or abroad.

Meet our Director/ Head Distiller

Meet Anthony White, a prominent figure in the Tasmanian spirits industry, renowned for his expertise in crafting award-winning recipes and distilling masterpieces.

Anthony's illustrious career spans over 15 years, commencing in 2007 at Nant Distillery. However, his journey took a significant turn in 2014 when he joined Belgrove Distillery as the Head Distiller, collaborating closely with an industry pioneer - Peter Bignell. In 2018, he transitioned to White Label Distillery (WLD) as Director and Head Distiller, where he continues to excel in his craft.

His diverse background, which includes over 20 years of experience in farming, irrigation, and cropping, lends a unique perspective to his approach, covering a wide range of expertise from paddock to bottle.

At WLD, Anthony's passion and dedication shine through as he works tirelessly to assist numerous clients in creating bespoke and acclaimed whiskies, gins, and vodkas. His commitment to quality and innovation has garnered national and international recognition, with many of his creations receiving prestigious accolades.

Beyond the distillery, Anthony leads a balanced life, indulging in his love for cricket and golf during weekends.

A staunch advocate for premium Australian-made spirits, Anthony remains devoted in his mission to elevate Australia's standing as a distilling nation known for producing exceptional quality spirits.