About Us

White Label Distillery is a contract brewing and distilling company located in Huntingfield, Tasmania. We contract brew malt whisky wash and distil new make spirit for clients, whilst also offering the opportunity to hand-select premium casks for storage and maturation of their very own Single Malt Whisky brand.

White Label provide a range of Client Opportunities tailored to suit various businesses. For example:

  • Clients looking to enter the exciting and growing Tasmanian Whisky Industry and create their own Single Malt Whisky brand
  • Existing whisky distilleries requiring wash, and/or additional new make spirit
  • Existing distilleries producing other spirits (such as gin or vodka), who are also looking at moving into whisky
  • Independent bottlers
  • Distilleries looking for additional space to store their casks under bond
  • Wineries looking at maturing spirit in their own ex-wine casks.



  • The brewery houses 16 x 4,000L stainless steel fermenters and state-of-the-art mash tuns.
  • The distillery houses 1800L wash stills and 800L spirit stills. These locally hand-crafted all-copper-pot stills have been selected in this capacity as this size has proven to produce the premium whisky Tasmania is renowned for.
  • The secured, concrete bond stores can house thousands of barrels in an environment where the seasonal temperature is ideal for consistent maturation.