About Us

White Label Distillery is a contract brewing and distilling company located in Huntingfield, Tasmania. We contract brew malt whisky wash and distil new make spirit for clients, whilst also offering the opportunity to hand-select premium casks for storage and maturation of their very own Single Malt Whisky brand.

White Label provide a range of Client Opportunities tailored to suit various businesses. For example:

  • Clients looking to enter the exciting and growing Tasmanian Whisky Industry and create their own Single Malt Whisky brand
  • Existing whisky distilleries requiring wash, and/or additional new make spirit
  • Existing distilleries producing other spirits (such as gin or vodka), who are also looking at moving into whisky
  • Independent bottlers
  • Distilleries looking for additional space to store their casks under bond
  • Wineries looking at maturing spirit in their own ex-wine casks.



  • The brewery houses two 5,000L state-of-the-art mash tuns and 16 x 4,000L stainless steel fermenters
  • The distillery houses two sets of stills comprising of our original 1,800L wash still and 800L spirit still mirrored across the distillery floor with our larger 3,200L wash still and 1,800L spirit still. These locally hand-crafted all copper pot-stills have been carefully designed in the shape and style proven to produce the premium whisky Tasmania is renowned for.
  • The secured, concrete bond stores can house hundreds of barrels in an environment where the seasonal temperature is ideal for consistent maturation.