Tasmania: The epicentre of Whisky in Australia

Australia punches above its weight in many areas and the growth of its whisky industry over the past two decades further supports this standing. Many people associate whisky with Scotland, or maybe even Japan, but Australia (and especially Tasmania) has become renowned for producing premium food and beverage and is fast becoming known for its ‘liquid gold’.

Over the last two decades, Tasmania has increasingly become known as the epicenter of premium single malt whisky in Australia. With the Tasmanian whisky and spirits industry having grown substantially from its humble beginnings almost 30 years ago, the Island is now home to over 50 distilleries, 27 of which are producing world-class whisky. Not only has the industry seen substantial growth, it has also seen multiple successes on the world stage such as the World Whisky Awards ‘World’s Best Single Malt Whisky’ coming back to the Island three times in the last six years. This is particularly impressive considering Tasmania only produces 0.01% of the world’s whisky; a testament to the outstanding quality of spirit produced.


Spirits producers in Australia have benefited from a consumer trend towards premium spirits and a growing disposition to try different alcoholic products including those made with locally sourced, high-quality and high-value ingredients. This trend has contributed to the increasing popularity of craft beer, cider, gin and especially whisky.