Our Story

The ultimate goal of White Label Distillery is to assist the Tasmanian and Australian spirit industry in its growth to becoming a globally recognised spirit producing nation.


Back in 2014, White Label Distillery’s founders recognised that for the industry to continue growing at such a rapid rate, established distilleries would need to increase production and new brands would need to be developed. A contract distillery based in Tasmania could not only support the expansion of the industry but also give anyone with a passion for whisky the opportunity to make their own spirit, without going to the time and expense of building their own distillery.


Fast forward to early 2019, we opened the doors to our state-of-the-art distillery and have since produced tens of thousands of litres of premium quality malt spirit for many discerning clients.

Our combined brew house and distillery comprises two modern 5,000L mash/lauter tuns, and two complete sets of Tasmanian made all-copper pot stills designed and manufactured by Knapp-Lewer Engineering. With all milling, mashing, fermentation and distillation done on site, our team has complete control on the production from end-to-end.


Diversifying into white spirits in 2020, we now produce vodka and gin to our clients’ strict specifications and quality requirements, taking advantage of Tasmania’s pristine water and unique ingredients. This diversification has resulted in the development of three white spirits brands thus far, all set to be released to market by the end of 2021.