Investment Opportunities

If you don’t plan to release spirit under your own brand, you may be able to sell matured casks of whisky in the secondary market, especially to independent bottlers and other distilleries looking to increase their stock of matured spirit.

Your return on investment will be determined by several factors including the uniqueness of your product offering, the volume you’re able to produce and your target market. As an example, many popular Australian whiskies sell for upwards of $150 for a 500ml bottle. Limited releases from well-known Tasmanian distilleries often sell for several hundred – and in some cases more than a thousand – dollars a bottle! While White Label Distillery cannot guarantee your investment return, we can promise that the quality of spirit you’ll produce with us will be best-in-class, giving you the best possible chance of success.

Given the strong reputation of Tasmania producing world-class spirit, whisky produced on our little island is highly sought after thus making investing in Tasmanian whisky an opportunity worth exploring.