End-to-End Whisky Creation and Support

Built in 2018, our state-of-the-art facility houses both our brew house and distillery enabling us to control the production of both malt whisky wash and distilling spirit from grain through to finished goods. We produce our signature new make spirit on a daily basis which is available to purchase with no minimum order quantity required however, we love to experiment and work with our clients to develop a spirit unique for their brand by undergoing intensive research and development.  We can facilitate formula development for both grain and yeast trials utilising our Head Distiller, Anthony Whites, in depth knowledge of distilling to ensure the product in development is produced using educated approach.

The Brew House

Our Brewery houses two 5,000L state-of-the-art mash tuns and 12 stainless steel fermenters with a full capacity of 80,000L.

The Distillery

Our distillery houses two sets of stills comprising of our original 1,800L wash still and 800L spirit still mirrored across the distillery floor with our larger 3,200L wash still and 1,800L spirit still. These locally hand-crafted all-copper pot stills have been carefully designed in the shape and style proven to produce the premium whisky Tasmania is renowned for.

The Bond Store

With two secure concrete bond stores not far from our distillery, we have the ability to house hundreds of barrels in an environment where the seasonal temperature is ideal for consistent maturation.

Bottling Room

Although bottling is not a key focus of ours as we operate mostly in spirit production, we have the ability to bottle produced spirit in volumes up to 1,000L if all dry goods are supplied.