Investment Opportunities

If you don’t plan to release spirit under your own brand, you may be able to sell matured casks of whisky in the secondary market, especially to independent bottlers and other distilleries looking to increase their stock of matured spirit.

Your return on investment will be determined by several factors including the uniqueness of your product offering, the volume you’re able to produce and your target market. As an example, many popular Australian whiskies sell for upwards of $150 for a 500ml bottle. Limited releases from well-known Tasmanian distilleries often sell for several hundred – and in some cases more than a thousand – dollars a bottle! While White Label Distillery cannot guarantee your investment return, we can promise that the quality of spirit you’ll produce with us will be best-in-class, giving you the best possible chance of success.

Given the strong reputation of Tasmania producing world-class spirit, whisky produced on our little island is highly sought after thus making investing in Tasmanian whisky an opportunity worth exploring.

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A Unique Opportunity

As Tasmania’s leading contract distillery, we provide the opportunity for you to create a world-class spirit, designed to your individual specifications, without the expense of building your own distillery. We work in complete collaboration with you from initial concept discussions, through research and development, and finally distilled spirit. Whether this be in whisky, gin or vodka development, our team of highly skilled and passionate distillers operate the distillery with meticulous care and attention to detail understanding that quality is paramount to brand success.


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End-to-End Whisky Creation and Support

Built in 2018, our state-of-the-art facility houses both our brew house and distillery enabling us to control the production of both malt whisky wash and distilling spirit from grain through to finished goods. We produce our signature new make spirit on a daily basis which is available to purchase with no minimum order quantity required however, we love to experiment and work with our clients to develop a spirit unique for their brand by undergoing intensive research and development.  We can facilitate formula development for both grain and yeast trials utilising our Head Distiller, Anthony Whites, in depth knowledge of distilling to ensure the product in development is produced using educated approach.

The Brew House

Our Brewery houses two 5,000L state-of-the-art mash tuns and 12 stainless steel fermenters with a full capacity of 80,000L.

The Distillery

Our distillery houses two sets of stills comprising of our original 1,800L wash still and 800L spirit still mirrored across the distillery floor with our larger 3,200L wash still and 1,800L spirit still. These locally hand-crafted all-copper pot stills have been carefully designed in the shape and style proven to produce the premium whisky Tasmania is renowned for.

The Bond Store

With two secure concrete bond stores not far from our distillery, we have the ability to house hundreds of barrels in an environment where the seasonal temperature is ideal for consistent maturation.

Bottling Room

Although bottling is not a key focus of ours as we operate mostly in spirit production, we have the ability to bottle produced spirit in volumes up to 1,000L if all dry goods are supplied.

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Tasmania: The epicentre of Whisky in Australia

Australia punches above its weight in many areas and the growth of its whisky industry over the past two decades further supports this standing. Many people associate whisky with Scotland, or maybe even Japan, but Australia (and especially Tasmania) has become renowned for producing premium food and beverage and is fast becoming known for its ‘liquid gold’.

Over the last two decades, Tasmania has increasingly become known as the epicenter of premium single malt whisky in Australia. With the Tasmanian whisky and spirits industry having grown substantially from its humble beginnings almost 30 years ago, the Island is now home to over 50 distilleries, 27 of which are producing world-class whisky. Not only has the industry seen substantial growth, it has also seen multiple successes on the world stage such as the World Whisky Awards ‘World’s Best Single Malt Whisky’ coming back to the Island three times in the last six years. This is particularly impressive considering Tasmania only produces 0.01% of the world’s whisky; a testament to the outstanding quality of spirit produced.


Spirits producers in Australia have benefited from a consumer trend towards premium spirits and a growing disposition to try different alcoholic products including those made with locally sourced, high-quality and high-value ingredients. This trend has contributed to the increasing popularity of craft beer, cider, gin and especially whisky.

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